Why I Am Choosing This Business


There are 5 main core reason I should do this business :

  • READY MARKET  - Every women in the world are using sanitary pads, and most of them are having menstrual problems. We provide SOLUTION to their PROBLEMS.
  • REPEAT SALES - Every month women are buying sanitary pads, and if she feel comfortable on using our product, she will continues to purchase it as it is DISPOSABLE unless they are using WASHABLE cotton sanitary pads.
  • AFFORDABLE & LOW CAPITAL - The pricing are so affordable by everyone to use or start its own business. The more you SHARE with others about this product, the lesser you pay on using it. 
  • DO THE BUSINESS EVERYWHERE - You can do this business everywhere in the world, since we have women everywhere and they desperately need this product.
  • QUALITY - The product quality is so good that women who are already used this product will NOT used other sanitary pads. We only have to promote and share with them the product itself. 

World Market Demand or User 

This is an illustration of world market demands in some part of the world

Country                Population                  Women (12-45Yrs)        Estimated Market Demand($USD)
                                                                                                     Per Month / Year (USD 3 / Pack)

Algeria                 37,000,000                  18,500,000                    55,500,000 / 666,000,000

Tunisia                 10,500,000                   5,250,000                     15,750,000 / 189,000,000

Malaysia              28,000,000                  14,000,000                     42,000,000 / 504,000,000

Philippines           92,000,000                   46,000,000                    138,000,000 / 1,656,000,000

United States      314,000,000                  157,000,000                  471,000,000 / 5,652,000,000

Morocco            32,000,000                    16,000,000                     48,000,000 / 576,000,000

France                65,000,000                    32,500,000                    97,500,000 / 1,170,000,0

What is the population in your country, states, or county? Try to calculate on how many percents you could penetrate the markets. Only YOU decide your own income.  If you requires details costing, please contact us and we shall response in due time.

(For world population statistic, please refer to World Population by Country )

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